Cancer! Stop eating these 19 foods

Cancer! Stop eating these 19 foods

Millions of people are unknowingly consuming harmful foods every day. The worst part is that many of us make those foods pillars of our diet.

We all know that some foods are better for us than others, but are there so many foods that we should completely avoid them? Research and long-term studies recently completed have indeed revealed alarming results.

In addition to causing many problems, such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes … some foods have even been linked to cancer. Let’s take a look at some of the “worst criminals” and find out what we really need to avoid ingesting.

1. Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated oils are found in all sorts of food. Such as pre-packaged food, fast food, and margarine. These oils were once vegetable oils but then were processed into trans fats. It has been strongly suggested that such fats cause a variety of cancers.

This one isn’t quite as sneaky as the next though. Keep reading!


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